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The Muslim Question in Europe : Political Controversies and Public Philosophies / Peter O'Brien
VerfasserO'Brien, Peter In der Gemeinsamen Normdatei der DNB nachschlagen In Wikipedia suchen nach Peter O'Brien
ErschienenPhiladelphia : Temple University Press, 2016
Umfang1 Online-Ressource (1 electronic resource (319 pages))
SchlagwörterEuropa In Wikipedia suchen nach Europa / Islam In Wikipedia suchen nach Islam / Politische Einstellung In Wikipedia suchen nach Politische Einstellung
URNurn:nbn:de:gbv:3:5-93594 Persistent Identifier (URN)
The Muslim Question in Europe [3.26 mb]
The book challenges the popular notion of a clash of cultures pitting Muslim and non-Muslim Europeans against one another. The study finds instead vehement conflict among three longstanding European public philosophies: liberalism nationalism and postmodernism. The consequential differences of outlook are demonstrated in four policy areas: 1) citizenship requirements 2) the headscarf debate 3) mosque-state relations and 4) counter-terrorism. The book reaches three important conclusions. First Muslim Europeans do not represent a monolithic anti-Western bloc -- a Trojan Horse -- within Europe. They vehemently disagree among themselves but along the same basic liberal nationalist and postmodern contours as non-Muslim Europeans. Second ideological discord significantly contributes to policy “messiness ” that is to inconsistent contradictory policies. Third both the discord and the messiness are remarkably similar from one European country to the next thereby casting doubt on the dominant theory in comparative migration studies that posits distinct national styles such as French republicanism German ethno-nationalism and British multiculturalism.This title was made Open Access by libraries from around the world through Knowledge Unlatched