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The heritage of Arabo-Islamic learning : studies presented to Wadad Kadi / edited by Maurice A. Pomerantz, Aram A. Shahin
HerausgeberPomerantz, Maurice A. In Wikipedia suchen nach Maurice A. Pomerantz ; Shahin, Aram A. In Wikipedia suchen nach Aram A. Shahin
Gefeierte PersonQāḍī, Wadād al- In der Gemeinsamen Normdatei der DNB nachschlagen In Wikipedia suchen nach Wadād al- Qāḍī
ErschienenLeiden ; Boston : Brill, [2016]
UmfangXLII, 654 Seiten ; 25 cm : Porträt
Includes bibliographical references and index
SerieIslamic history and civilization ; volume 122
SchlagwörterIslam In Wikipedia suchen nach Islam / Kultur In Wikipedia suchen nach Kultur / Literatur In Wikipedia suchen nach Literatur / Geistesleben In Wikipedia suchen nach Geistesleben
URNurn:nbn:de:gbv:3:5-95029 Persistent Identifier (URN)
The heritage of Arabo-Islamic learning [36.16 kb]

The Meccan prison of 'Abdallah b. al-Zubayr and the imprisonment of Muhammad b. al-Hanafiyya / Sean W. Anthony -- Fragments of three Umayyad official documents / Fred M. Donner -- Single isnads or riwayas quoted books in Ibn 'Asakir's tarjama of Tamim al-dari / Jens Scheiner -- Friendship in the service of governance: makarim al-akhlaq in Abbasid political culture / Paul l. Heck -- Prinzen, Prinzessinnen, Konkubinen und Eunuchen am fatimidischen Hof / Heinz Halm -- A new Latin-Arabic document from Norman Sicily (November 595 h/1198 -- Ce) / Nadia Jamil and Jeremy Johns -- Religion, law, and Islamic thought: The rhetorical Qur'an or orality as a theologumenon / Angelika Neuwirth -- The "shearing of forelocks" as a penitential rite / Marion Holmes Katz -- Authority in Ibn Abi Zayd al-Qayrawani's Kitab al-nawadir wa-l-ziyadat: 'Ala ma fi l-mudawwana min ghayriha min al-ummahat: the case of "the Chapter of judgments" (kitab al-aqdiya) / Mohammad Fadel -- A segment of the genealogy of sunni hadith criticism: the mysterious relationship between al-Khatib al-Baghdadi and al-Hakim al-Naysaburi / Jonathan Brown -- Al-hakim al-Naysaburi and the companions of the Prophet: an original Sunni voice in the Shi'i century / Scott C. Lucas -- Ibn Rushd and Thomas Aquinas on education / Sebastian Gunther -- Teaching the learned: Jalal al-Din al-Dawani's ijaza to mu'ayyadzada : 'Abd al-Rahman Efendi and the circulation of knowledge between Fars and the Ottoman empire at the turn of the sixteenth century / Judith Pfeiffer -- Scholars in networks: 'Abd al-Ghani al-Nabulusi and his travels / John O. Voll -- Rhetorics of revival: al-Ghazali and his modern heirs / Kenneth Garden -- Language, literature, and heritage -- Grammarians on the af'al al-muqaraba: steps in the sources towards a subdivision of operants / Ramzi Baalbaki -- Reflections on the lives and deaths of two Umayyad poets: Layla al-Akhyaliyya and Tawba b. al-Humayyir / Aram A. Shahin -- Literature and thought: re-reading al-Tawhidi's transcription of the debate between logic and grammar / Wen-chin Ouyang -- The play of genre: a maqama of "ease after hardship" from the eighth/fourteenth century and its literary context / Maurice A. Pomerantz -- What's in a Mamluk picture? the hall of portraiture at the cairo Citadel remembered / Guo -- In defense of the use of Qur'an in adab: Ibn Abi l-Lutf's raf' al-iltibas 'an munkir al-iqtibas / Bilal Orfali -- Modes of existence of the poetry in the Arabian Nights / Wolfhart Heinrichs -- Modern Arabic literature and Islam / Stefan Wild -- Abraham and the sacrificial son: transtextual strategies in Jose Saramago's the gospel according to Jesus Christ and Elias Khoury's As though she were sleeping / Maher Jarrar -- The ideological and epistemological: contemporary readings in Arabo-Islamic classical heritage (turath) / Ridwan al-Sayyid (translated by Eman Morsi)