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Vitality and Dynamism : Interstitial Dialogues of Language, Politics, and Religion in Morocco's Literary Tradition
VerfasserBratt, Kirstin Ruth In Wikipedia suchen nach Kirstin Ruth Bratt
BeiträgerElbousty, Youness M. In Wikipedia suchen nach Youness M. Elbousty ; Stewart, Devin J. In Wikipedia suchen nach Devin J. Stewart
ErschienenLeiden : Leiden University Press, 2014
UmfangOnline-Ressource (196 pages)
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SchlagwörterLiteratur In Wikipedia suchen nach Literatur / English literature ; History and criticism ; Morocco In Wikipedia suchen nach English literature ; History and criticism ; Morocco / Language and culture ; Morocco In Wikipedia suchen nach Language and culture ; Morocco / Electronic books In Wikipedia suchen nach Electronic books
URNurn:nbn:de:gbv:3:5-96322 Persistent Identifier (URN)
Vitality and Dynamism [1.3 mb]
Intro -- Contents -- Preface -- Introduction. The Vitality of Tradition -- Identity in the Moroccan Context -- Moroccan and Foreign Contexts -- Notes -- Chapter 1. How the West Was Won: The Arab Conqueror and the Serene Amazigh in Driss Chraïbi's La Mère du printemps -- Notes -- Chapter 2. Cultural Encounter in Moroccan Postcolonial Literature of English Expression -- Introduction -- Orientalism and the Ideology of Otherness -- Encountering the Other in Postcolonial Moroccan Texts -- Notes -- Chapter 3. Intersections: Amazigh (Berber) Literary Space -- Amazigh (Berber) Literary Space -- Tamazigh/ Amazigh/ Imazighen in the Maghreb -- Amazigh Literary Space in Morocco and the Netherlands: Novels and Short Stories -- Chleuh -- Tarifit -- Dutch -- Conclusion -- Notes -- Works Cited -- Chapter 4. Writing in the Feminine: The Emerging Voices of Francophone Moroccan Women Writers -- Subversive Feminine Writing -- Radical Critiques of Patriarchy -- Oser Vivre (1999) -- Le Corps Derobé (1999) -- La Répudiée (2001) -- Documenting Human Rights Abuses -- "Poème de prison" (1978) -- La Prisonnière (1999) -- Les impunis ou les obsessions interdites (2004) -- Notes -- Chapter 5. Tactile Labyrinths and Sacred Interiors: Spatial Practices and Political Choices in Abdelmajid Ben Jalloun's Fí al-Tufúla and Ahmed Sefrioui's La boîte à merveilles -- Labryinthine Space in Fí al-Tufúla -- The Sacred Interior in Fí al-Tufúla -- Labryinthine Space in La boîte à merveilles -- The Sacred Interior in La boîte à merveilles -- The Façade in La boîte à merveilles -- The Sacred Interior in Fí al-Tufúla Again -- Political Spaces in Moroccan Literature -- Notes -- Chapter 6. Monstrous Offspring: Disturbing Bodies in Feminine Moroccan Francophone Literature -- Mythical Silence and Audible Words -- Space and Confinement -- Mother Society My Torturer?.