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Bioethics around the globe / ed. by Catherine Myser
HerausgeberMyser, Catherine
ErschienenOxford [u.a.] : Oxford Univ. Press, c 2011
UmfangXXXIV, 294 S. ; 25 cm
Literaturangaben und Index
Bioethics as missionary work : the export of Western ethics to developing countries
Facing up to the hard problems : Western bioethics in the Eastern land of India
Capacity building in developing world bioethics : perspectives on biomedicine and biomedical ethics in contemporary Sri Lanka
French bioethics : the rhetoric of universality and the ethics of medical responsibility
The social forms and functions of bioethics in the United Kingdom
Bioethics between two worlds : the politics of ethics in Central Europe
Bioethics in Chile and the need for Latin American bioethics
Bioethics in Costa Rica : origins and challenges
The social functions of bioethics in South Africa
Toward an African Ubuntu/Umunthu bioethics in Malawi in the context of globalization
Reflections on bioethics in China : interactions between bioethics and society
The dominion of bioethics : nationalism and Canadian bioethics
Negotiating Islamic identity in Egypt through bioethics : contesting 'the West' and Saudi Arabia
Bioethics in Australia : on politics, power, and the rise of the Christian right
Bioethics in the United States : contested terrain for competing visions of American liberalism
SchlagwörterBioethik / Bioethik / Globalisierung / Bioethik / Philosophische Anthropologie / Soziokultureller Faktor / Bioethics / Bioethics / Globalization
Halle (Saale) : Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Sachsen-Anhalt, 2018
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