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The Somali conflict : the role of external actor / Bjørn Møller
AuthorMøller, Bjørn
PublishedKøbenhavn : Dansk Institut for Internationale Studier, 2009 ; Halle (Saale) : Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Sachsen-Anhalt, 2009
HostHalle (Saale) : Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Sachsen-Anhalt
DescriptionOnline-Ressource, (34 S., 275 KB)
SeriesDIIS reports ; 2009,03
Document typeE-Book
URLVerlag ; Unbekannt
The Somali conflict [0.26 mb]
Somalia has been without a functioning state ever since 1991 when the former dictator Siyad Barre was overthrown. None of the competing factions were strong enough to take his place as ruler of the country producing first chaos but gradually a form of stateless order. The international interventions have ever since the failed and counter-productive intervention by the United Nations and the United States in the early 1990 exacerbated rather than mitigated the problems let alone solved them. This was especially the case for the Ethiopian invasion (December 2006-January 2009) which produced utter chaos and a severe humanitarian crisis. Since the withdrawal of the Ethiopian forces Islamist extremist militias have been establishing control of Somalia and they may or may not be able to maintain this control. If they pursue their radical programme of Islamisation their reign is likely to be short but if they moderate themselves they may retain control.
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