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Naxçıvanın tarixi coğrafiyası : (XII-XVIII äsrin 1 yarısı) / Elnur Kälbizadä
AuthorKälbizadä, Elnur
Published[Halle, Saale] : [Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Sachsen-Anhalt], 2017
DescriptionOnline-Ressource (199 Seiten, 8,45 MB)
Document typeE-Book
KeywordsHistorische Geografie
Naxçıvanın tarixi coğrafiyası [8.45 mb]
Azerbaijan Nakhchivan historical geography
Keywords (English)
Being one of central provinces of states (states such as Eldanizlar Aghgoyunlu Garagoyunlu and Safavi) created in the territory of Azerbaijan in the Middle Ages Nakhchivan had strategic importance at all time. From this point of view in the period of the Middle Ages historical-geographical position development investigation of ethnic and religious composition of population of cities of Nakhchivan territory are included in problems of vital importance for Homeland history. Chronological frame of the research covers period from 30th years of XII century to 50th years of XVIII century by determining problem topicality. The historical geography of Nakhchivan land in the XII - first half of XVIII centuries was researched for the first time in this dissertation work; changes in its territory and administrative territorial partition were followed within chronological limit area of administrative-territorial units where Nakhchivan included in different periods was calculated by cartographic and satellite imaging. At the beginning of taken chronological limit integrating all territories of Azerbaijan Eldanizlar state existed and Nakhchivan was considered as a central province of this state. In 50th years of XIII age Hulakular state was created. Nakhchivan tumen was available in this period. Nakhchivan territories played special role in among powerful Azerbaijan states such as Garagoyunlular and Aghgoyunlular. Chronological limit of the dissertation work covers Safavi management period as well as periods that Nakhchivan was passed under Ottoman Empire’s management for short time throughout XVI-XVIII centuries. However the last period included in chronological limit of the dissertation work covers very short time period – 40-50th years of XVIII century important changes happened in Nakhchivan area in this period.
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