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Vitality and Dynamism : Interstitial Dialogues of Language, Politics, and Religion in Morocco's Literary Tradition / edited by Kirstin Ruth Bratt, Youness M. Elbousty, Devin J. Stewart
EditorBratt, Kirstin Ruth ; Elbousty, Jonas M. ; Stewart, Devin J.
PublishedLeiden : Leiden University Press, 2014
DescriptionOnline-Ressource (196 pages)
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Document typeE-Book
KeywordsLiteratur / English literature ; History and criticism ; Morocco / Language and culture ; Morocco / Electronic books
Vitality and Dynamism [1.3 mb]
Intro -- Contents -- Preface -- Introduction. The Vitality of Tradition -- Identity in the Moroccan Context -- Moroccan and Foreign Contexts -- Notes -- Chapter 1. How the West Was Won: The Arab Conqueror and the Serene Amazigh in Driss Chraïbi's La Mère du printemps -- Notes -- Chapter 2. Cultural Encounter in Moroccan Postcolonial Literature of English Expression -- Introduction -- Orientalism and the Ideology of Otherness -- Encountering the Other in Postcolonial Moroccan Texts -- Notes -- Chapter 3. Intersections: Amazigh (Berber) Literary Space -- Amazigh (Berber) Literary Space -- Tamazigh/ Amazigh/ Imazighen in the Maghreb -- Amazigh Literary Space in Morocco and the Netherlands: Novels and Short Stories -- Chleuh -- Tarifit -- Dutch -- Conclusion -- Notes -- Works Cited -- Chapter 4. Writing in the Feminine: The Emerging Voices of Francophone Moroccan Women Writers -- Subversive Feminine Writing -- Radical Critiques of Patriarchy -- Oser Vivre (1999) -- Le Corps Derobé (1999) -- La Répudiée (2001) -- Documenting Human Rights Abuses -- "Poème de prison" (1978) -- La Prisonnière (1999) -- Les impunis ou les obsessions interdites (2004) -- Notes -- Chapter 5. Tactile Labyrinths and Sacred Interiors: Spatial Practices and Political Choices in Abdelmajid Ben Jalloun's Fí al-Tufúla and Ahmed Sefrioui's La boîte à merveilles -- Labryinthine Space in Fí al-Tufúla -- The Sacred Interior in Fí al-Tufúla -- Labryinthine Space in La boîte à merveilles -- The Sacred Interior in La boîte à merveilles -- The Façade in La boîte à merveilles -- The Sacred Interior in Fí al-Tufúla Again -- Political Spaces in Moroccan Literature -- Notes -- Chapter 6. Monstrous Offspring: Disturbing Bodies in Feminine Moroccan Francophone Literature -- Mythical Silence and Audible Words -- Space and Confinement -- Mother Society My Torturer?.
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