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Mirrors of Entrapment and Emancipation : Forugh Farrokhzad and Sylvia Plath / Leila Rahimi Bahmany
AuthorRahimi Bahmany, Leila
PublishedLeiden : Leiden University Press, 2015
DescriptionOnline-Ressource (383 pages)
Document typeE-Book
KeywordsSpiegel / Emanzipation
Mirrors of Entrapment and Emancipation [6.19 mb]
Intro -- Contents -- Preface -- Note on Transliteration Dates and Translation of Persian Poetry -- Introduction: Women and Their Mirrors -- Chapter 1. Mirroring in Mythology and Psychology -- "I am That!": Doubling in the Myth of Narcissus and Echo -- The Petrifying Look: The Myth of Medusa -- From Narcissus to Narcissism: Freud's Psychological Exegesis of the Myth -- The Subject as an Alienated Construct: Lacan's Theory of the Mirror Stage -- A Spatiotemporal Site of Psychological Interiority: Memory as a Mirror -- Mother-Daughter: The Mutual Mirroring -- Mirroring in Text -- Chapter 2. Mirror Imagery in the Works of Forugh Farrokhzad -- A Herstory of a Subject-in-Process -- Captive to the Male Gaze -- The Mirror as an Eye -- The Mirror of the Heart -- The Otherness of the Self-image -- The Mirror of the Memory and of the Imagination -- The Grotesquery of the Mirror Image -- The Mirror and the Window -- Mother-Daughter Reciprocity in the Mirror -- The Emancipated and Emancipating Mirror -- Self-Mirroring in the Poetry of Forugh Farrokhzad -- Chapter 3. Mirror Imagery in the Works of Sylvia Plath -- The Mirror as the Intersection of Academic and Artistic Talent -- The Mirror as a Weapon of the Femme Fatale -- The Childless Woman: A Narcissist -- The Gigolo: Male Narcissism -- Woman as a Mirror of Male Ego -- Mother in the Mirror -- The Monstrous Degeneration Lurking in the Mirror -- The Promising Mirror -- Child as a Mirror -- The Mirror Image Being Identical with the Self -- The Appalling Otherness of the Specular Self -- Conclusion -- Appendix: Farrokhzad's Poems Discussed in the Text with Their English Translation -- Notes -- Bibliography -- Index.
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