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Islamic studies in the twenty-first century : transformations and continuities / edited by Léon Buskens and Annemarie van Sandwijk
AuthorBuskens, Léon ; Sandwijk, Annemarie
PublishedAmsterdam : Amsterdam University Press, 2016
Description1 Online-Ressource (285 pages) ; 24 cm : Illustrationen
Includes bibliographical references and index
Introduction: Dichotomies, transformations, and continuities in the study of Islam
Islamic texts : the anthropologist as reader
Textual aspects of religious authority in premodern Islam
What to do with ritual texts : Islamic Fiqh texts and the study of Islamic ritual
Textual study of gender
Scholarship on gender politics in the Muslim world
Power, orthodoxy, and salvation in classical Islamic theology
Dialectical theology in the search for modern Islam
"Classical" Islamic legal theory as ideology : Nasr Abu Zayd's study of al-Shafi'i's al-Risala
Islamic law in the modern world : Sufi networks, hospitality, and translocal inclusivity
Middle eastern studies and Islam : oscillations and tensions in an old relationship
Document typeE-Book
KeywordsIslam / Islamwissenschaft / Orientalistik / Soziologie / Islamic sociology / Islam-Study and teaching / Electronic books
Islamic studies in the twenty-first century [3.01 mb]
Cover -- Table of Contents -- Preface -- Introduction -- Dichotomies Transformations and Continuities in the Study of Islam -- Léon Buskens -- Islamic Texts -- The Anthropologist as Reader -- Brinkley Messick -- Textual Aspects of Religious Authority in Premodern Islam -- Jonathan P. Berkey -- What to Do with Ritual Texts -- Islamic Fiqh Texts and the Study of Islamic Ritual -- A. Kevin Reinhart -- Textual Study of Gender -- Marion Katz -- Scholarship on Gender Politics in the Muslim World -- Some Critical Reflections -- Dorothea E. Schulz -- Power Orthodoxy and Salvation in Classical Islamic Theology -- Christian Lange -- Dialectical Theology in the Search for Modern Islam -- Abdulkader Tayob -- “Classical” Islamic Legal Theory as Ideology -- Nasr Abu Zayd’s Study of al-Shafiʿi’s al-Risala -- Muhammad Khalid Masud -- Islamic Law in the Modern World -- States Laws and Constitutions -- Knut S. Vikør -- Vernacular Cosmopolitanism as an Ethical Disposition -- Sufi Networks Hospitality and Translocal Inclusivity -- Pnina Werbner -- Middle Eastern Studies and Islam -- Oscillations and Tensions in an Old Relationship -- Léon Buskens -- Notes on Contributors -- Overview of NISIS Autumn Schools 2010-2014 -- Index
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