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Go east, young man : imagining the American west as the Orient / Richard V. Francaviglia
AuthorFrancaviglia, Richard V.
PublishedLogan, Utah : Utah State University Press, 2011
Description1 Online-Ressource (310 pages)
Includes bibliographical references and indexes
Document typeE-Book
KeywordsExpansionspolitik / Orientalisierende Literatur
Go east, young man [8.53 mb]
"[Francaviglia's] book is of great value particularly in its illuminating showcasing of the degree to which the American West was consistently compared to aspects of the Middle East from desert sands and rock formations to camel caravans and mirages. These comparisons helped to establish the West as an exotic locale markedly different from the Europe-focused eastern half of the country and having a fascination of its own." Journal of Folklore Research
Keywords (English)
Introduction : the malleable landscape -- The frontier West as the Orient (ca. 1810/1920) -- The American Zahara : into and beyond the Great Western Plains -- In praise of pyramids : orientalizing the western interior -- Chosen people chosen land : Utah as the Holy Land -- Finding new Eden : the American Southwest -- The Far East in the Far West : Chinese and Japanese California -- Syria on the Pacific : California as the Near/Middle East -- To ancient East by ocean united : the Pacific Northwest as Asia -- The modern West as the Orient (ca. 1920-2010) -- Lands of enchantment : the modern West as the Near/Middle East -- Another place and another time : the modern West as the Far East/Asia -- Conclusion full circle : imagining the Orient as the American West
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